London Spirit Soccer Club Rules & Regulations

(Outdoor Adult Recreational League)

  1. Registration

    All players must be registered with London United Soccer Club.  Any player may only play on one team throughout the season.
  2. Team Requirements

      1. A team will have a minimum of 20 players and a maximum of 25 players.  A maximum of 3 under-aged players (under the age of 25 years old) may be registered for any one team.
      2. Any team having more than 20 players and less than 25 players may sign the additional players throughout the season up to July 31st.  The additional registration fee must be paid to London United prior to the player playing in the league
      3. Player cards will be used for identification with a passport sized photo (2” x 3”) and proof of date of birth.  Identification cards will be present and in the possession of the captain at each game and available if there is a question as to the validity of a player
      4. The league reserves the right to add players to any team to achieve the maximum number of 25 players
      5. A team will consist of 11 players on the field including the goalkeeper
      6. A team must have a minimum of 7 players at the time of the start of the match otherwise it will be counted as a forfeited game
  3. Player Eligibility

    All players must be registered with the league and listed on the team’s roster sheet.  If a player is found to be ineligible, any points gained from the match will be awarded to the opposing team.  A player may only be registered to one team on Tuesday night and one team on Friday night
  4. Game Results

    Game sheets will be printed from the website with all players names on them and deletion of those players not in attendance will be crossed out for that particular night Win – 3 points, tie – 1 point, loss – 0 points
  5. Schedules

    The Tuesday League season will commence on May 10th running to and including August 16th. Friday night season will commence on May 13th running to and including August 19th. Semi-finals and finals will be held in the last weeks of August.  Any games cancelled due to inclement weather may be rescheduled only if both teams agree on a mutually agreeable date.
  6. Uniforms / Equipment

    All players must wear the uniform provided by the League consisting of a jersey, short and socks.  If any shorts are worn that has been provided by the league, they must be a sports short and not a fashion short such as Lululemon Athletica. All players must wear shin guards and approved soccer cleats.  If an item of clothing or equipment that has been inspected at the start of a match and determined no to be dangerous becomes dangerous or is used in a dangerous manner during the match, its use must no longer be allowed.  Modern protective equipment such as headgear, facemasks and knee and arm protectors made of soft lightweight padded material are not considered dangerous and are therefore permitted. No Spandex shall be worn under soccer shorts. All jewellery including rings, bracelets, watch, necklaces, earrings or other piercing which may be visible must be removed prior to the game. Any knee brace or casts must be approved by the referee and free of exposed plastic or metal.  The referee’s discretion with regards to safety will be final. If a player wears prescription glasses, sun glasses, the frame of glasses and lenses must be plastic and the arms of the frame must be covered and strapped with a sports strap.  It is recommended that sport safety goggles be worn over the glasses. A red card may be given to a player who violates the above safety rule is enforced by the Discipline Rules.
  7. Game Duration and Ball Size

    Each game will consist of 2 halves of 45 minutes with a ten minute break during half time.  Each team will use size 5 balls and each team will be responsible for the putting up and taking down one of the nets and 2 corner flags. Any game which has reached the 67.5 minute mark shall be deemed to be a full game (only due to rain outs or severe thunder storms) at the referee’s discretion.  If the game has not reached this point, then the teams should email the results as incomplete game.  Any team being judged to have caused a game to be abandoned shall be dealt with by the League Executive.
  8. Substitutions

    Substitutions are permitted when:
    1. a goal is scored
    2. at a goal kick
    3. half-time
    4. when an injury occurs at the referee’s discretion
    5. on their own throw-ins
    6. opposing team may also call for a substitution when the initial substitution is requested
  9. Discipline

    Discipline comes under the jurisdiction of the League Discipline Committee.  Refer to penalties for misconduct. Red Card – a player who receives a red card in a game is immediately suspended and the team will play with a player short for the remainder of the game.  The player who has been suspended will automatically be suspended for the following scheduled game and may be subject to disciplinary action by the league, if it is deemed necessary Yellow Card – a player who receives 2 yellow cards in a game will be regarded as having received a red card and shall be immediately removed from the game and will automatically miss the following scheduled game. Automatic Suspension for balance of the game – a player who receives 2 yellow cards in a game will be regarded as having received a red card and shall be immediately removed from the game and will automatically miss the following scheduled game. Slide-Tackling – No slide tackles are permitted. If a slide tackle occurs the first offence will be a warning and second offence will be a yellow card in one game.
  10. Team Sheets / Score

    A game sheet will be downloaded for each game from the website. Fifteen minutes prior to the start of the game to be completed with the players to be in attendance for that game will be presented to the referee.  The copy of the game sheet will be provided by the referee to the league for its records. Any dispute regarding a player’s eligibility must be reported to the referee.  The referee will make the appropriate notation to the dispute on the copy of the same sheet that is returned to the league. Only those players listed on the game sheet may participate in the game.  All team reps (captains) shall have an official roster of all players registered on their teams which shall not exceed 25 players.  The opposing team rep (captain) may ask to see a copy of the official roster prior to the start of the game.  Only those players who are registered with the league should be on the official roster.  If a player has played who is not on the official roster, then the team who has played an illegal player will lose the match and be dealt with accordingly by the League Executive.  It will be the team rep (captain’s) responsibility to have the official roster with them at each game.  If no official roster can be provided, and if, the other team requests to see the official roster, then the team wishing to check the roster may play the game under protest but must advise the referee prior to the commencement of the game.
  11. Playing Fields / Nets / Corner Flags

    All games will be played at London United Soccer Complex (corner of Highbury & Oxford St.)  Each team will be responsible for putting up and taking down the one net and 2 corner flags and have them in place 15 minutes prior to the game.  After the game is done, is to clear the bench area of all debris including water bottles, tapes, etc. and put them in the garbage cans located by the benches. Any additional players who are substitutes should remain on the bench or within 3 feet of the bench.
  12. Defaults  

    A grace period of 15 minutes will be given to teams to show up for a scheduled game.  If one or both teams don’t show up, either one or both teams will be in a default situation and will be dealt with by the League Executive and be fined $25 for their team’s no show for that particular game. A defaulted game will result in a 1 – 0 score.
  13. Referees

    Referees will be appointed by the league.  If the appointed referee does not show up, the league will find a replacement referee. Any action detrimental to the game will be reported by the referee in writing and delivered along with the game sheet, including a report on any red or yellow cards given.
  14. Serious Misconduct

    Any games not completed due to any type of misconduct such as violent conduct, fights, spectator issues and / or a team leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission, will be dealt with by the League Executive.